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From: Bones Rodriguez

Actor, Author, Entrepreneur born and raised in New York City. 

Ever since I first wrote "No More Waiters: How To Build Your Acting Business WITHOUT  Day Job", I've been teaching actors to BE FREE to pursue the life they want without the shackles of a boss, a schedule, or "working" for a living.

But I always wanted a way to help people more directly, and now I'm offering my PERSONAL MENTORSHIP, through the PRIVATE Facebook Group called "Entreperformers". 

It's for Actors and Artists who have an ENTREPRENEURIAL mindset (or want to get one) so you can be in charge of your own life instead of living under someone else's permission.

This is NOT for the people who want to do a sex tape hoping they'll get famous.

I found that 80% of my audience want a place to learn about the business of acting, and you ALSO want a place to learn about making money online so you can be FREE.

This is where you can have BOTH!
  • Direct Access To Me - Post your questions, and have me answer them personally- as if I were your personal mentor
  • Community of Like-Minded People - Not ALL actors are lazy, whiny babies! You can learn from the community as we interact and promote each other's success and accomplishments!
  • Special Resources- That are only available to members, and the library keeps growing!
  • Members-Only Discounts- On all courses, seminars, and materials (Worth the price of admission alone!)
  • Exclusive Content-  Videos, audios, and interviews that are only for the "Inner Circle" of Entreperformers!
  • And So Much More...
As A Member, You Also Get These Amazing Resources!
The Going Pro Manual:
The Kick-Ass Manual To Go From The Dream, To The Stage, and To The Screen!

This Kick-Ass 71-Page Manual from several different authors will give you the full view on Acting as a profession, and tips and tricks on growing your career!

This Manual has advice for the brand-newbie who has never even taken an acting class, to the seasoned professional who needs help maintaining their stardom!

 (Valued at 19.97)

The No Day Job Actor Authoring Teleseminar:
The step-by-step blueprint for writing and publishing your own books!

This teleseminar features two successful actors who have made money by writing and publishing their own books- Both by self-publishing and traditional publishing houses!

If you've ever wanted to write a book, and make money doing that instead of a day job, this 90 minute teleseminar is for you!

(Valued at 19.97)

The No Day Job Actor:
The Re-Brandable Report!

This short but powerful report is a fantastic tool that you can "Re-Brand" and give away as your own! 

It will do all the work of "selling" an idea for you so you can generate profits just by giving it away - no selling required! 

(Valued at 29.97)

Special Videos To Help Your Career AND Your Wallet!
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A Few Testimonials From Members...
From a performer in New York City who has two kids and a husband:

Mary Theresa Archibold, True Play NYC

"This Book opened my eyes to different approaches to make money. I now see my acting life as my primary occupation, and am happy to say that I have left my "day job" in the dust! 
From this extremely well-known and respected Actor, Director, Producer and Teacher who was dedicated to helping actors succeed:

Bob Fraser, Actor, Director, Producer, Teacher

"Bones Rodriguez is a New York actor and web entrepreneur whose book "No More Waiters" is pretty much the Bible of how to make a living without having a 'jobby-job.'" 
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  • Using Facebook to find your crowd, so they buy stuff, so you make money in your sleep!
"This is a way OUT of your freaking non-flexible day job that you hate. If you're interested in doing something different, and having something different happen... freakin' pay the money!"
- Lisa Gold
CEO of and founder of Actor's Connection
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