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Clickbank Sign-Up
Clickbank is the 3rd party company that handles the processing of our credit card transactions as well as the affiliate program tracking. (All commission checks are mailed out directly from clickbank). 

In order to promote The No More Waiters e-book, you must first become a Clickbank affiliate.

If you’re not yet signed up at clickbank, then setting up your clickbank account is the very first step. Simply click on the link above and a new window will open up that takes you to the signup form.

On the clickbank sign up page, you can fill in your personal details and pick your own special clickbank account name (also called a clickbank “nickname” or “CBID”).

If you want to get paid, then you MUST FILL IT ALL OUT- Including Tax Information.

After you’ve set up your clickbank account, then you’re ready to start promoting the e-book through your special affiliate hoplinks. When someone purchases after coming through your link, you receive 56% commission on each sale- That's anywhere between $15 to $150!

Once you become an affiliate with clickbank, then you'll promote your special link in this format:
Step 2: Promote Your Affiliate Link
Thanks to the Internet, there are many, many ways to promote No More Waiters and earn money as an affiliate. Here are some of the best ways to promote…
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The "21st Century Actor" Giveaway Report!
How To Be An Actor In The 21st Century: 5 Things That Have Changed Acting... Forever!
I wrote a free report called "How To Be An Actor In The 21st Century" and you can make money just by giving it away.

There's no selling, and all you do is "brand" the report with your own link and give it away. When people buy "No More Waiters" after reading your giveaway copy- you get paid.
Remember: Send Them To Your Clickbank Link:

Go to and start a free blog. 

Then, copy the blog post at the link above and paste the entry into your new blog.




(It is your responsibility to do that. If you don't, you will not get paid)

Then SHARE that blog post everywhere!!

Other Ideas For Promoting
Remember: Send Them To Your Clickbank Link:

Write an article about acting, and then place your affiliate link in the article. You can do this on a website, e-zine, or blog.

You can make a blog about acting, just write about your experiences, and post your affiliate link:

Use these videos to promote the ideas, or just the "personality" of No More Waiters.

You can post these videos on your blog (with your affiliate link under it!), or share them on social media and message people privately with your affiliate link if they like or comment on the video.

Remember- do NOT post your affiliate link directly to facebook! 

Do a review of what you learned or what ideas you liked.

After you’ve read the book, or gone through the courses, write your own review explaining what you liked about the book and why everyone should get a copy.

You can do it on YouTube or Facebook also.

A sincere review is most effective, and saying what you don't like about it also lends more trust and credibility.

*NOTE: Do NOT post your affiliate link in YouTube or on Facebook- they do not like affiliate links. Post them on your blog.

Use Book Cover graphic

Put book covers and other graphics on your website and embed your affiliate link in them.

 Your sales should increase when you use graphics, especially when you combine the graphics with a pre-sell article or review.

Send an email, and  Share On Social Media

DO NOT SPAM PEOPLE If you know someone who might appreciate the information in No More Waiters, let them know!

Do NOT post directly to your affiliate link on Facebook.  Instead post your link on a blog, and then share the post.

Pay-Per-Click Traffic on Google, Facebook, Bing and others:

You can advertise on the search engines and social networks by using their pay-per-click systems, which means that you don't pay unless someone clicks on your ad. 

If you figure that 2 out of every 100 actors that you send to the site will buy a copy (and we're getting better than that with TARGETED leads), you'll make $30-$300. 

Therefore, as long as you don't spend more than 30 CENTS per click, you'll be profitable. 

Remember to send the the viewer to your link: (and replace "YOURID" with your clickbank ID)

"Good" Now is Better Than "Perfect" Never
If something is worth doing, it's worth doing BADLY... until you do it well!
Can You Do It?
Don’t forget, you don’t need to have a product of your own to make money on the Internet, and I have created a very cool suite of products for you to make money with.

You make 56% from any sale, with a cap of $150 per sale (refers to mastermind sales).

Be sincere and tell why YOU enjoy the products. There's no more powerful sales skill than a personal endorsement. Use the affiliate tools and content and you can start earning money as a No More Waiters affiliate today! I believe in you!
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